Comfort & Chill Tea Box

Comfort & Chill Tea Box

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Inhale and Exhale ..... Need some help with calming down, relaxing your mind and decompressing? Comfort & Chill is here to help. Makes a tea-riffic gift for the tea lover in your life. Good Tea Wholesale has curated our top selling and personal favorite tea blends into one set to help you calm down, relax and release the stress. Blended with flowers and herbs and delivering flavors that are soft, subtle, and sweet: Each blend offers a different taste but achieves the same result ... Comfort & Chill! 

What's Included: 

  • Good Tea Wholesale tea blends - 
    • Calming (12 servings )
    • Pure Peace  (12 servings )
    • Snooze Button  (12 servings )
    • You Had me at Rose (10 servings)
  • Recipe Card
  • Terrific Scoop
  • Reusable Tea Bag