French Press
French Press

French Press

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Case of 3

These come in a pack of 3.  

Our Tea Press helps you take the hassle out of loose leaf tea making (also great for coffee). The Tea Press allows your bulkiest teas to have enough space to expand and give their full flavor. This versatile design delivers an authentic taste every time without using paper filters. Use it for brewing hot or cold brew tea.

Sleek design with glass vessel surrounded with plastic casing, and a stainless steel press assembly. Light weight and durable.

To use, simply add tea or coarse coffee grounds to the bottom of the vessel, add hot water, then stir with a wooden utensil, and let steep for 3-4 minutes. Slowly press down the plunger and serve. It's that easy!

Remember to re-steep ... Good Tea Wholesale Herbal tea blends are packed with flavor and benefits for a perfect 2nd cup.


Good for steeping chai blends, oolongs and other bulky tea blends. 

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